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Along with Taiko and gongs, Japanese flutes are essential to the festival music.

In general, the tone of a flute is determined by the length and the diameter of it. The longest, and therefore the lowest pitch, is called Ippon-choushi (#1 pitch). The highest pitch is called Jyusanbon-choushi (#13 pitch). Musicians commonly use Roppon-choushi (#6 pitch) and Nanahon-chousi (#7 pitch) for most of the performances. We have a select variety of flute, please inquire us about the tone and kinds you are looking for. Amongst our Fue selection, we recommend the Miyamoto signature model for its distinguishing features.

Japanese Flute

Miyamoto Signature Model

まるみや印の笛 Miyamoto Signature Model

The keys of the standard Fue are different depending on the type of music played in the particular region, and there is innumerable variety of them. Miyamoto has collaborated with professional Fue players and developed flutes that can be played with a wide range of music. We adjusted the keys by meticulously differentiating the finger holes. We proudly present you the fruit of our endeavor, a collection of flutes that can match their refined sound to the ensembles of Ohayashi and other traditional Japanese music and even contemporary Western music.